Replacement Button Link Set


Lost or damaged button links? Looking to upgrade the older soft link carabiners to our new fantastic Button Link system? This replacement set is just the thing you need! Featuring 1500 lb Spectra and a custom designed 3d printed button, this Button Link system is the lightest weight, easiest to assemble and smallest packing hammock attachment system anywhere! (Includes 2 individual Button Links to create one set.)

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Includes 2 Button Links, to create one set.

*This set can be used to replace both end loops on one hammock

Pass the button end of the button link through the large loop end of the whoopie sling on the tree strap. Now pass the button through the small loop on the button link just as you would a typical garment button. This locks the button link closed and securely attaches the hammock to the tree straps.