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Ultralight hammocks as tiny on the scale as they are in your pocket

Lifetime Guarantee

We are proud of the gear we make and stand behind it, FOREVER.

Free Shipping

Always. On any order over $25 shipped in the USA.

Extra Room To Stretch Out

All the weight savings, with room to spare.

Pack confidently knowing your Single+ has room for you and your gear.

Lightest Weight and Smallest Packing

Learn more about the

ultralight hammock that started it all.

Actual Parachute Fabric

We know lots of other hammocks call themselves “parachute nylon” but our ultralight hammocks feature the real deal, actual reserve parachute fabric.


Light enough to go anywhere and everywhere. Toss it in your pack and always have a place to relax!

Tinsy Tiny

Your pack space is extremely valuable and we respect that, we promise to always take up as little space as possible!

Built Strong

Built to FAA parachute rigging standards out of time tested materials, rest assured we have you suspended safe and sound.

Ever wonder why everyone else’s tree straps weigh so much?

So did we, so we made our own!


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