Our hammocks weigh about 30% less than anything else on the market, but weight isn’t the only thing we care about. We also demand that the hammock packs small and travels well. We believe the volume in your pack deserves as much love as its weight.

Our hammocks have no bulky metal pieces. Using actual reserve parachute nylon and our button link system, we compress the hammock into a very small stuff sack, keeping it as unnoticed in your pack as it is on the scale.

“it’s got heavyweight comfort. One tester snoozed peacefully for 18 nights in the Amazon.”

The Editors

Backpacker Magazine

“…once we slipped into the cocoon from our first setup, we lost track of time.”

G. Clay Whittaker

Men's Journal

“an essential purchase for any seasoned outdoorsman”

Leo Davie

The Coolector

“one of just a few ultralight hammocks on the market. It provides some great competition in a niche market for folks looking to really drop weight and bulk in their packs”


The Ultimate Hang

Our Business Model


We’re cutting out the middleman. It’s all about delivering the best product and price to you.

We design and build our hammocks using premium, hand-picked, certified, materials. The vast majority of our materials is Military Spec, even down to the non-load bearing thread! These wonderful materials are hand cut and sewn by skilled sewing machine operators in Alamo, TN.

All of this effort is to ensure our gear is something you will be proud to own and use, we know we sure are!

Unwilling to compromise our materials and build quality to meet margins required for retail sale, we decided to sell our gear directly to the people we care about most, our customers.

So what you’re getting for the price is far better than what you might find on a store shelf. You can kick your feet up and relax knowing that your hard-earned money went directly to excellent materials and build quality, and you bypassed the 50% to 100% retail store mark up.


All of our gear is completely open source and certified by the Open Source Hardware Association.

Why would we want to give away designs for free? We believe ideas and designs should be shared so that others may benefit from them, be inspired to make something new, or contribute an idea that leads to a better or more useful product!

Below you will find all of our design files and associated information for our current products as well as for products we are currently developing. So please use, modify and distribute them as you like in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


We are proud of what we do and stand behind it. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, contact us via our Support Form below or at for a repair, replacement, or refund. FOREVER.

Our hassle-free return system makes it easy to get the right hammock for you and our support specialists are here to help if you have any questions!

Our (not so) Secret Sauce

Parachute Fabric PIA-C-44378 T4 CERTIFIED FABRIC

This fabric is the real deal. Actual FAA certified reserve parachute material, uncoated 1.1 oz calendared ripstop nylon PIA-C-44378 T4 only made in the United States of America. The very same fabric that is packed into the reserve container of every single skydiving and BASE jumping parachute system.

It may be thin, but with a minimum tensile strength of 50 lbs per square inch, you can rest comfortably knowing these hammocks have you held safe and sound. The uncoated nature of the fabric keeps the hammock from feeling clammy against your skin, and the windproof requirement of true parachute fabric keeps the cold wind at bay.


All our products are lock stitched (stitch type 301) using mil-spec bonded nylon thread. We double stitch our seams at 7-11 stitches per inch in accordance with FAA parachute rigging standards. Any more than that (or an additional line of stitching) risks perforation of the fabric which may result in fabric failure.

Lock stitching, as opposed to chain stitching seen on many other hammocks, produces a stronger stitch that is much less likely to unravel and can continue to perform well even if part of the seam has been compromised.


No metal carabiners and as easy to use as buttoning your pants!

The Button Link system features 1500 lb Spectra cord, a custom designed nylon button, extremely simple assembly, and integrated hammock end loops. This featherweight attachment system addresses the weight and bulk issues with traditional carabiners.

The result is a hammock that has no bulky, heavy metal parts. Button Links can be compressed and packed small into the hammock, making your hammock far lighter and more compact than anything else available on the market.


Stronger than steel and far lighter, Spectra is the ideal cordage for our Tree Straps and Button Links. This amazing material is one of the many things that allows us to have extremely lightweight products as well as maintain a very small pack size.

Additionally, we attach our end loops to the gathered end of the hammock using a larks head knot. This knot transfers the stress of hanging to the fabric rather than the stitching on the end of the hammock, resulting in a more reliable, longer lasting hammock system.


Silk screening, sewn on patches, and branded fabric tags all increase the weight and pack size of the hammock unnecessarily. We don’t think you should have to carry around extra weight for the sake of our branding.

Dye sublimation is the fabric printing equivalency of a tattoo. This process relies on a special ink that, when combined with heat and pressure, turns directly from a solid into a gas. As this gas contacts nylon or polyester fabric, it permanently dyes the fabric resulting in bright, full-color graphics. This system allows us to print graphics and information on our bags without adding any weight or bulk.

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