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Tenacious Tape Flex Patches

The only patch solution we have found that actually works on our hammocks, and boy does it! These Tenacious Tape Max Flex Patches stunned us with their ability to repair small rips and tears to a nearly 100% strength recovery. These patches can be used to fix damaged areas no larger than 3 inches long. Patch kit contains two patches, place one patch on each side of the hammock over the damaged area. Ensure the patch covers the damaged area entirely with a wide margin around the rip or tear on both sides. This kit is not guaranteed to fix your hammock and comes with no warranty.

  • Permanent, heavy-duty repair patch with rubber-like elasticity

    Ideal for fabric repairs, vinyl repairs, inflatable repair or use on outdoor gear,metal, steel and plastic

    Provides instant repairs to rips, tears or holes

    Ultra-aggressive adhesive won’t peel or lift

    Tough TPU fabric is flexible and resists punctures, abrasions, tears and weather

    Cold temperature flexibility

    Clear and transparent for nearly invisible repairs

    Withstands washing

    Will not yellow from UV exposure