Junco Sleeping Pad

Who doesn't want a little more wiggle room and extra warmth in their hammock? Keep your back toasty and prevent your hammock from pinching with the 3 Season 14.5 oz (411 g) Junco Inflatable Sleeping Pad. With a 2" loft and R-Value of 2.1, this sleeping pad is light and soft enough to be safe for use with all of our hammocks and still offers heavyweight warmth and comfort. The grid pattern provides effortless contouring to match the curve of your hammock and the 1.1 oz ripstop fabric keeps everything lightweight and small packing.

Stay warm, stay comfortable, and always have a plan B for ground camping with the Junco Sleeping Pad.



Weight: 14.5 oz (411 g)

Length: 8.0 in (20 cm)

Width: 3.5 in (9 cm)

Height: 3.5 in (9 cm)

In Use

Length: 75.0 in (191 cm)

Width: 23.0 in (58 cm)

R-Value: 2.1


1.1 oz Ripstop nylon fabric

2 inch Inflated Loft

Fits in most backpack water bottle pockets

Extremely light weight

Very low pack volume

Easy to inflate

Hold-open valve design allows easy deflation


Sleeping Pad


Patch Kit



Manufacturing sealed inflatable camping equipment is not only tricky to get right, but also requires enormous equipment. We partnered with Goodwin to bring you the lightest weight and most functional sleeping pad we could find.

This sleeping pad is manufactured to our design specifications in China.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Noah Bostrom
Great sleeping pad for the money

Great for the money, not as good as a Thermarest xlight, but 1/3-1/4 the price! Can’t go wrong!!

Vince Ardrey
Sleeping pad

Love it so does my daughter who I bought one for we like the size we get for the light weight

Forrest Schofield
Amazing sleeping pad

So i took a picture to compare this sleeping pad to my old military pad and I’ll be darned if I can’t figure out how to attach the photo but the difference in compressed size is laughable (in hummingbirds favor)! The military pad is almost 2 feet long and 7 inches in diameter when rolled up and weighs over 2 pounds more than this hummingbird pad, (which the hummingbird pad also is LONGER than the military pad when inflated). In comparison, the hummingbird pad is about the length and diameter of a tall beer can. Ounces is pounds guys. In this case, pounds is pounds. I absolutely can’t wait for the snow to melt and to put some miles on my feet in the mountains. This is a top notch company. It doesn’t get much better than emailing customer service and having the president of the company respond. I’m taking notes for our company. So, i have all of my hummingbird gear in a tote (pending 20 feet of snow melt in the mountains), and sometimes i open the lid and slobber a little bit looking at all the hummingbird products and thinking back to my 25 mile trek last year when my pack weighed 85 pounds and i sprained a tendon in my knee in the deep backcountry, memories of trying to set up a tent when the ground was solid rock under the inch of top soil. Thanks to hummingbird and some other changes, my pack weight has been reduced to 35 pounds and i can sleep in the trees OR the ground with this pad, their rain tarp combined with my trekking poles used for tent poles. Brilliant, considering the higher in elevation i go, the trees start to disappear. Pro tip: Tie the rain tarp guy lines to rocks or whatever is available if there’s no top soil for the titanium stakes. Order 2 of hummingbirds guy line kits to extend the length for emergency situations tying around rocks (they weigh nothing). Brilliant design in everything they produce. Don’t let “made in china” scare you, the key words to focus on are “to Hummingbirds specifications”.. those are the most important words. Lots of junk comes from China, but that “junk” is not made to an American company’s specifications, those are inferior copies of an American company’s products. Example: Warn is universally regarded as one of the top winches in the world, and their cheaper winches are made in china “to Warn specifications”. Their cheaper winches have the same warranty as their $2,000 winch assembled in the U.S. (lifetime mechanical warranty) Key words “to Warn specifications”. Same thing here, their products are top notch. I spent days and days researching the lightest gear with an emphasis on reliability, because i hate wasting money. My slogan is “buy once, cry once”. If you buy the cheapest products, you will spend much more in the long run buying junk that fails 3 or 4 times over until you find a company such as this one. If you are researching hours on end, you can rest now because you’ve finally found the best company for lightweight, dependable gear at an affordable cost, with an ultra-cool company name and logo. That’s my 2 cents as an American entrepreneur, patriot, lover of all beautiful natural things, lover of freedom, nature, and exploring.