Guyline Cord

Highly reflective guyline cord for tarps, tents, ridgelines, and anything else you can imagine! 90 ft (27 m) of 1.5 mm reflective sleeved Spectra guyline cord, the same cord that is included in our Guyline Kit. This line glows nice and bright when even a small light is used near them, because nobody likes tripping over their lines in the middle of the night. 90 ft (27 m) of cord weighs approximately 1.7 oz (48 g).



Weight: 1.7 oz (48 g)

Length: 7.0 in (18 cm)

Width: 5.0 in (13 cm)

Height: 1.0 in (3 cm)

In Use

Length: 1000.0 in (2540 cm)

Width: 0.059 in (0 cm)


1.5 mm Sheathed Dyneema Cord

Reflective Abrasion Resistant Sheathing

High Visibility Yellow Color

Stiff Cord, Holds Knots Very Well

Works Perfectly With Our Glow Friction Adjusters


80 feet (24.38 meters)



Reflective Sleeved Dyneema (China)


This reflective guyline cord is coiled by us using cord made to our specifications in China.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew Charles
Best Hammock company out there

I've searched plenty of different brands of hammocks and hammock equipment and Hummingbird hands down the best on the market. Their stuff is light, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. I have the straps, hammock, quilt, tarp, and guylines. Couldn't be more pleased with all of it. Will be purchasing more things in the future.

Brian Mcgranahan
Best sleep system

My whole family loves to camp and we all love our Hummingbird set ups. Hammock, suspension, tarps, and guyline are all the best. Great ultra light sleep system. If you are looking to loose grams and want to be comfortable this is the way to go. My daughter hiked the PCT with this set up from north of the Sierras to the Canada and still going strong. Great products! Try using a pair of prusik knots on either end of the guyline with a ultra light caribiner for an even easier tarp set up and super easy to adjust.
Puffin underquilt is great . Would love to see a lighter summer quilt added to the line up.

Joe Ward
Retro fit

I used the guy line and glow in the dark adjusters to replace the stock lines on my Kelty Noah's Tarp, love them!!!

Justin Findley
Accessories/ replacement

Keep up the accessories and replacement parts inventory. One of the only spots I found things in-stock for a normal price.

Tripp Clark

Excellent line, lightweight and very strong.