Double Hammock

The Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Double Hammock is an ultralight hammock built for two. An additional 12 inches in length and 34 inches in width give you some extra room to stretch out. It holds 400 pounds and is designed by a FAA Certified Parachute Rigger.  It brings parachute technology to the hammock industry for the first time. The Button Link attachment system contains no bulky or heavy metal parts, can be compressed into a small pack, and are as easy to assemble as buttoning your pants. The perfect hammock to relax with another or to keep for yourself and hang like a king.

Gray and Forest Green
Gray and Grass Green
Gray and Skydiver Blue
Gray and Sunset Orange
Gray and Deep Purple

Made in the USA

Lock stitched With Military Spec Nylon Thread

Built to FAA parachute rigging standards

Extremely light weight

Very low pack volume

PIA-C-44378 T4 Certified Reserve Parachute Fabric

1500 lb Spectra Cord

Certified Open Hardware US0097

Weight: 10.2 oz (289 g)
Weight Rating: 400 lbs (181 kg)
Dimensions Packed: 8 x 5 x 3 in (20 x 12 x 8 cm)
Dimensions In Use: 116 x 85 in (295 x 216 cm)


Attached Stuff Sack

Attached Button Link Carabiners


(*Tree Straps not included)



Fabric - PIA-C-44378 T4 Certified Fabric designed and manufactured for use on parachutes. Made in the USA.

Spectra - 1500 lb tensile strength Spectra cord designed and manufactured for use on parachutes. Made in the USA.

Button - Custom designed by us and nylon injection molded in China.

Drawstring Cord - Reflective sleeved Dyneema cord (same as our Guyline Cord, just gray in color). Made in China

Cord Lock - Made in China.

Thread - Military spec bonded nylon thread. Made in USA.



This product is cut and sewn in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lynae S

Great hammock! Super lightweight

Jacob Bagley
Crushes competition for the sake of your body

Title says it all, this thing obliterates every other hammock I have tried with the grace and power of an Olympic gymnast. It is about half the weight of my ENO Doublenest, but is significantly larger and more comfortable. I own 9 other hammocks ( sub6, sub7, a couple large ones from Walmart [comfortable but heavy], a Sea to Summit Ultralight, and a couple others) and have used a singlenest. None are even close to being as well-balanced between size, weight, comfort, and price. Easy setup, great lay, effective accessories. I've been using this for about two weeks during an army field operation and cannot leave a good enough review. If you think this is expensive, remember that a brand-new Ferrari at $40,000 is expensive too. Your body will thank you whether it's in your backpack or on your back.

Andrew Henika
Great product!

Love hummingbird hammocks, especially for backpacking. My first one was stolen years ago, and was so glad to be able to get another one. Would recommend, but keep a close eye on them!

Michael Richey
Double Hammock, Double Comfy

Purchased any Double and haven’t yet had a chance to do a full camp/sleep in it, but initial hang is promising. Simple set up with the buttons, and plenty of room for me (about 6’). Materials and construction feel top notch, but the overall weight of the hammock is so minimal. Stoked!