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Guyline Kit


This kit includes 80 ft of 1.5 mm reflective sleeved Spectra guyline cord, 4 glow in the dark friction adjusters, and 4 of our super light titanium stakes. Nobody likes carrying extra weight or tripping over their lines in the middle of the night, this kit has you on all fronts! Entire kit weighs 3.7 oz (105 g).

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Weight3.7 oz

Titanium Stakes


If it’s gonna be metal from us, you better believe it’s gonna be light! These pure titanium stakes (also included in our Guyline Kit) are incredibly light and strong. These stakes feature a strong “V” shape for extra strength and holding power, cutouts to remove unnecessary metal, and a reflective cord loop for high visibility. These stakes are excited to join in on your next adventure! Weight of all 4 stakes together is 1.8 oz (51 g).

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Weight1.8 oz

Guyline Cord


Highly reflective guyline cord for tarps, tents, ridgelines, and anything else you can imagine! 80 ft of 1.5 mm reflective sleeved Spectra guyline cord, the same cord that is included in our Guyline Kit. This line glows nice and bright when even a small light is used near them, because nobody likes tripping over their lines in the middle of the night. 80 ft of cord weighs approximately 1.7 oz (48 g).

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Weight2 oz

Glow Friction Adjusters


These custom designed friction adjusters are just the thing for your rain tarp, bug net, tent, or anything else that uses micro guylines! Keep an eye on those lines, prevent tripping, avoid gear damage thanks to high visibility glow in the dark plastic. Each package contains 8 glow in the dark friction adjusters. Package of 8 adjusters weighs approximately 0.3 oz (8.5 g).

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Weight.5 oz

Sil-Net Seam Sealer


This 100% silicone seam sealer is perfect for sealing the seams on our silpoly rain tarps or any other silicone impregnated fabrics. In just one application along the center seam (or any other seams you need to seal), you will have a waterproof seal that is not affected by extreme heat or cold. Sil Net can also be used to repair small holes and rips. (*This product will not work on our hammock fabric.)

Due to high demand, we are currently out of stock. Backorders are expected to ship in about 1 week.

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Weight3 oz

Tenacious Tape Flex Patches


The only patch solution we have found that actually works on our hammocks, and boy does it! These Tenacious Tape Max Flex Patches stunned us with their ability to repair small rips and tears to a nearly 100% strength recovery. These patches can be used to fix damaged areas no larger than 3 inches long. Patch kit contains two patches, place one patch on each side of the hammock over the damaged area. Ensure the patch covers the damaged area entirely with a wide margin around the rip or tear on both sides. This kit is not guaranteed to fix your hammock and comes with no warranty.

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Weight1.5 oz

Replacement Whoopie Sling


In need of another whoopie sling for your Tree Straps (or any other purpose that suits your fancy?) Here is the stand alone whoopie sling that normally comes included with our Tree Straps and Tree Straps+! Grab one of these and replace that worn out whoopie sling! Sold as one piece per order.

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Weight.75 oz

Replacement Button Link Set


Lost or damaged button links? Looking to upgrade the older soft link carabiners to our new fantastic Button Link system? This replacement set is just the thing you need! Featuring 1500 lb Spectra and a custom designed 3d printed button, this Button Link system is the lightest weight, easiest to assemble and smallest packing hammock attachment system anywhere! (Includes 2 individual Button Links to create one set.)

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Weight.5 oz