Nearly a decade ago, our founder, certified Parachute Rigger Chris Loidolt, envisioned a hammock crafted from quality parachute material. Today, we've become a thriving, family-run business centered around producing ultralight, small-packing hammocks.

Our products, derived from authentic parachute materials, use design principles inspired by the Parachute Industry Association. The outcome is market-leading hammocks that are stronger, lighter, and more compact than anything else on the market.

Being a direct-to-consumer business allows us to maintain a strong bond with our customers, providing the highest possible quality gear for the price by minimizing overhead and eliminating retail markups. Our open-source design philosophy encourages a collaborative community that supports innovation and mutual growth.

We're proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products, a testament to our confidence in their quality and durability. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability ensures we actively strive to reduce our environmental impact, using responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly practices.

Join us in revolutionizing how we enjoy nature, and help us reshape outdoor relaxation, one hammock at a time.

Direct To Consumer Graphic showing how our costs and margins compare to retail models

Cutting Out The Middleman


Our company operates under a Direct to Consumer model, a strategic move that places our focus squarely on you and ensures your hard-earned money is well-spent.

Instead of navigating through retail markups that can inflate prices by 50% to 100%, we deliver our top-tier, Military Spec ultralight camping gear straight to you.

By choosing us, you're selecting a customer-centric company that values your trust and aims to provide unrivaled comfort and durability in every product.

Open Source Hardware Logo

Officially Certified


By opening up our designs, we hope to inspire others, foster a sense of community, and invite you to contribute your ingenious ideas to enhance our products.

In our GitHub repositories, you'll find all the necessary design files and detailed information for our entire range of current and upcoming ultralight hammock and camping gear products. We look forward to seeing how our shared knowledge can lead to even better and more practical outdoor gear!

Graphic showing trees from planting to fully grown with a hammock hanging between two of them

Hammocks Need Trees and We Do Too


We've teamed up with Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Projects, committing to plant two mangrove trees with every order you place. Mangrove trees are efficient carbon warriors, capturing four times more carbon per acre than tropical rainforests.

Want to learn more? Swing by the Hummingbird Hammocks' Forest page or donate to plant even more trees if you're feeling generous!

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We take immense pride in our work and fully stand by the quality of our products. However, should you ever find yourself less than completely satisfied with any of our gear, or if it doesn't meet your expectations, don't worry; we've got you covered. Simply reach out to us through our Support Form and connect with a real person.