Frequently Asked Questions

What hammock is the right size for me?

Picking a hammock size is very much a matter of personal preference. A hammock that is a perfect size for one person may be too small or too large for another. Here is some information on what we had in mind when we designed each of our products to help you make your decision.

The Single hammock is intended for use by a single person. It is extremely light and packs very small. Unpacked the hammock is 104 inches by 48 inches. In our experience this hammock is comfortable for individuals up to 6 foot 4 inches. However, some people over 6 foot may prefer the extra room provided by the Single+ hammock. 

The Single+ hammock is built with longer camping trips and taller people in mind. Unpacked the hammock is 120 inches by 64 inches.

The Double hammock is quite large and is intended for use with two people. It is also great for long camping trips or very cold nights where extra room is necessary for the added insulation that you would need to stay warm. Unpacked the hammock is 120 inches by 85 inches.

How do I hang my hammock?

In addition to the video above and our Online Manual, there is no better hanging guide than the one found here on The Ultimate Hang.

How do I use my tree straps?

How do I use my rain tarp?

How do I use my bug net?

Are the hammocks strong enough to support me?

Even though our fabric is very thin we have tested it up to 1190 lbs with no failure and zero signs of damage on the hammock. In all of our testing, our Tree Straps are the failure point and fail a safety margin of 3:1.

We rate the Single to 300 lbs, the Single+ to 350 lbs and the Double to 400 lbs. We will continue to test our products on a regular basis to ensure quality and safety. You can relax in comfort knowing your hammock has you safely supported!

Is the fabric water resistant?

The fabric will shed water for a little while but it will eventually wet out and allow water to pass through. The fabric is uncoated, its ability to keep water out is a result of the fabric being densely woven and hot rolled during manufacturing. We do not recommend relying on this fabric to keep anything dry.

Can I leave my hammock outside?

The fabric we use is not UV resistant and will eventually break down in sunlight. We do not recommend leaving your hammock outside when it is not in use.

How do I clean my hammock?

Your hammock can be cleaned with cold or room temperature water. A soft rag or your hands can be used to work out any stains, the use of a brush or other abrasive cleaning tool can damage the fabric. For difficult stains, a small amount of Woolite can be used. We recommend not cleaning your hammock unless it is necessary, regular washings are not needed. When the hammock is clean allow it to dry completely in the shade before repacking it.

Can you customize my hammock?

Sadly, no.

We wish we could offer custom colors and sizes for our hammocks and other products but we are unable to provide that service at this time.

Ordering and Shipping

How long does shipping take?

Most orders will ship the same day or the next business day after we receive your order. From there the shipping time depends on the destination. In general, orders within the United States take about 2-5 days from the time it leaves the post office here. International orders typically take about 1-2 weeks, but occasionally they get caught up in customs and take a little bit longer.

Our please review our Shipping Policy for the most accurate information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!

We ship to anywhere in the world except Indonesia. To see shipping rates to your country, please add the items you wish to order and proceed to checkout. From the checkout page, you will be able to see shipping rates and select your preferred shipping speed.

How can I get a coupon?

We offer coupons occasionally throughout the year for special events and holidays. Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of future promotions!

* The presence of the coupon field during checkout does not indicate if there is an active coupon or not. The coupon box is always present even if there are no coupons.

My tracking number is not updating or is displaying the wrong information.

Unfortunately, the tracking system for the United States Postal Service is not very good. If you live outside the United States the tracking will not work once it leaves the United States. It will show the last location it reported which will typically be somewhere on the coast. If you do live in the USA and your package is reporting strange locations it is most likely a problem with the USPS tracking service and your package will arrive without issues. Hopefully their system gets some bug fixes soon but for now, it seems to be rather hit or miss.

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