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Replacement Tree Strap Webbing

Sometimes tree strap webbing can get all gummed up with sap or damaged from being against abrasive surfaces. No worries, here are replacement webbing portions for both our standard Tree Straps and our longer Tree Straps+. Sold as individual pieces of webbing, (sewn and ready for use of course) one piece per order.

*Fixes one Tree Strap or Tree Strap+




Weight: 0.9 oz (26 g)

Length: 4.0 in (10 cm)

Width: 1.5 in (4 cm)

Height: 1.0 in (3 cm)



1 Replacement Webbing Section



Webbing - 1" wide Dyneema Webbing (China)

Thread - Military Spec Bonded Nylon (USA)


This product is cut and sewn in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Replacement Tree Strap

I ordered your tree strap webbing to replace the heavier ones that came with a hammock by another manufacturer. They are everything you advertised. I also ordered the tree strap extensions, but had to order the replacement whoopie slings from a different company because yours were not available. Unfortunately, those got lost by the USPS. I'd love to order your slings, but if you have them available, I would now have to pay shipping for the smaller order. Also, After looking at your online manuels and video, I still don't understand how the extensions connect to the hammock and slings.

Hi, Tod! Thanks for your review. I am creating a support ticket for you so we can get this all figured out.

Michael Vazquez
Lightweight and strong

I purchased my original straps as part of my suspension system for my single plus. I ended up detaching them from the whoopie slings and using them as 15' straps with a marlin spike hitch. They worked so well, I began using them for all my hammocks. While my original straps are going strong, I am thru hiking the PCT this year with my Hummingbird Long and wanted a spare set just in case. They are light enough I can easily carry these as backups. Definitely recommend them for any of your hanging needs.

Doug Underwood

Keep it all the same but offer the whoopies and button links in black.