Heron Rain Tarp

Ah, the sweet pitter-patter of rain on a 8.6 oz Silpoly rain tarp. This ultralight hexagonal rain tarp is the perfect companion for your next hammock camping adventure. While most ultralight tarps are made from 1.1 oz Silnylon that stretches when wet, ours is made from a newly developed 0.9 oz Silpoly to be able to deliver a crazy light, full coverage tarp that will not mist through or stretch.

Sleep comfortably knowing you are high and dry while the sound of the rain puts you to sleep. Includes a tube of Sil-Net for sealing seams.

Coyote Brown
Dark Olive



Weight: 8.6 oz (244 g)

Length: 8 in (20 cm)

Width: 3.5 in (9 cm)

Height: 3 in (8 cm)

In Use

Length: 126 in (320 cm)

Width: 96 in (244 cm)


Made in the USA

0.9 oz Silpoly Fabric

Lock stitched With Military Spec Nylon Thread

Built to FAA parachute rigging standards

Extremely light weight

Very low pack volume

Certified Open Hardware US0101


Rain Tarp

Attached Stuff Sack

Sil-Net Seam Sealer


*Guyline Kit not included



Fabric - 0.9 oz Membrane SilPoly (USA)

Quick Adjuster Hardware - Black Nylon (China)

Binding Tape - Nylon (China)

Drawstring - Reflective Sleeved Dyneema (China)

Cord Lock - Black Nylon (China)

Thread - Military Spec Bonded Nylon (USA)

Sil-Net Seam Sealer - Gear Aid (USA)


This product is cut and sewn in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Forrest Schofield
Amazing tarp!

Love this tarp. Tiny in its bag, plenty big when outstretched. Also a great option for when you get so high up in the mountains that the trees disappear and you have to use this with your trekking poles to fashion a ground tent! Love this company


This tarp is sweeeeeet. Easy setup and takedown. Can be used on the ground if you'd like. Or if there are no trees around. Lots of room underneath. Buy this tarp.

Steven Liss
Tarp Review

Awesome Tarp.
Lightweight and easy to set up.
Makes for some portable shade for bright day hikes and naps.
Thanks for your hard work

Brian Langlais
Rain Tarp

I love the Heron rain tarp. I bought this one to replace the other one I got 3 years ago. The tarp is fantastic and extremely light. The reason I’m replacing my old one , is because the plastic ends that attach to the ridge line both broke this past September while I was on the AT in North Carolina. Bad thunderstorm and 30 mile an hour winds with gust of 45. The tarp held up fine and kept me dry, but eventually a gust hit the tarp so hard that it snapped both end pieces at the same time. I did manage to tie the ridge line to the loops on the ends and stayed dry. But I like the plastic tensioners way better. Easy quick to set up in minutes. I look forward to many more happy miles with your products.

Joanna Clemetson
Super light tarp

Was bummed the guylines and stakes were out of stock when I ordered the tarp. Waiting on them to be delivered now so I can try out my new light tarp.