Top Rated Free Camping Sites Across the U.S.

Top Rated Free Camping Sites Across the U.S.

Finding a perfect camping spot shouldn't have to require shelling out an arm and a leg. Here are some of the best free camping spots you can find in the U.S.

Sequoia National Forest, California

All national forests in the United States have free camping sites, but none are more impressive than Sequoia, which contains the largest trees on our planet.  Pitch your tent in the shade of one of these monsters - some of which are taller than a football field, and weigh more than a blue whale!  You don't need to be careful about fires, either: these monsters are too large to burn down.

Cimmaron National Grasslands, Kansas

Like national forests, national grasslands allow camping free of charge.  The Cimmaron is perhaps the most popular of all national grasslands due to its remote location and lack of visitors.  The grasslands take their name from the river, which is a great place for fishing, swimming, and canoeing without requiring a pricey campsite fee for the privilege.

Snake River Canyon, Idaho

Bureau of Land Management sites offer free camping.  The Snake River in Idaho is a supremely beautiful site for outdoor activities because the river has etched a number of canyons into the bluffs, meaning that there are not just water activities but also rock climbing and bouldering throughout the region.

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