Tips for Camping with Kids

Tips for Camping with Kids

Some of the best memories of a kid's life can be camping trips with friends and family, but camping with kids presents a series of challenges. Here's how to overcome them.

Moderate Activity

Kids may struggle to go through high-effort activities like hiking and swimming, quickly getting frustrated or tired. Either keep these activities short in duration or intensity, or plan out low-intensity activities like Frisbee or board games that don't burn up a lot of energy, but can keep kids engaged and entertained.

Snacks on Hand

A hungry kid is an unhappy kid, as any parent knows. Camping can be a great opportunity to expose kids to new foods, including the results of fishing or hunting trips. Even so, try to keep a lot of high-protein snacks on hand to ward off hunger at any hour of the day, and set yourself up with easy favorites that can be made on the campfire, like hamburgers or macaroni and cheese.

Rest Area

Even if your camping trip involves a strict schedule, try to give everyone time to wind down in the middle of the day and take a rest. A sturdy, lightweight hammock is a perfect camping accessory for all ages, but especially for kids who might be used to napping in the afternoon. Make certain you attach your hammock to a sturdy support in the shade to make it a great resting spot.

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