The Secret to Finding a Good Campsite

The Secret to Finding a Good Campsite

There are a lot of factors involved if you want to have a good time camping.

You need to have good shelter. Your sleeping bag should be comfortable. The camping bag you’re using should be able to carry all your stuff.

But all these things are irrelevant if you have a poor campsite. Make sure you have a great time camping and follow our campsite tips!

The General Location

To find the most ideal campsite, you need to narrow down your options. You need to have an idea where you’ll be camping in the middle of the day.

Make sure your campsite is:

  • near a water supply
  • near a supply of firewood
  • flat
  • away from potential dangers like floods, avalanches, and breeding grounds

Just like in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location, so don’t settle! Make sure you find the right spot before you set up your campsite.

Finding the Specific Camping Spot

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, It’s time to narrow things down even further and pick the specific spot where you want to set up your camp.

Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Find a spot that is covered with naturally soft materials like moss, leaves, or pine needles.
  • If you’re not camping in cold weather, pick a spot that is next to a tree or a large rock.
  • Make sure you pick a spot where the ground is dry.
  • If you’re sleeping on the ground, ideally, you need a spot that is contoured to fit your body.

After you have identified a spot that seems promising, you can try to lie down on it. It’s better to check your potential site before you end up setting up at a poor spot.

If you don’t feel comfortable, try a different position. If you’re still uncomfortable, then start looking for another location.

Additional Ideas

Here are a few extra ideas on how to pick a good campsite:

  • A high ground makes for a great campground because it provides proper drainage. There will be less chance of being caught in a flood.
  • This might seem like common sense, but it’s a good idea to stay away from falling rocks. Inspect rocks that are close to your campsite and make sure you’re in the clear.
  • Keep away from dying trees just in case they land on you if they fell.
  • Don’t camp too close to your water source, so you don’t contaminate it.

These are the secrets to finding a good campsite. Make sure to spend the time picking a great spot, so you have a great time camping and exploring the outdoors.

Follow our tips to stay on the right track and find the best campsites. (And don’t forget to pack a hammock!)

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