Hammock Accessories You Can't Travel Without

Hammock Accessories You Can't Travel Without

As we enter 2022, it's easy to get excited about the new places and new adventures we're about to step into. No matter where you plan to travel this year, don't forget to bring these essential pieces with your Hummingbird Hammock!


Sharp tree branch snagging your pack or hammock? Piece of cake. Impromptu storm repair? No problem. This remarkable tape works wonders for repairing many things outdoors. And, it's the only type of tape that will permanently repair the genuine parachute material on your Hummingbird Hammock, in the unlikely event of a rip. If you don't bring anything else, this is it!

Try also, our Silnylon Tenacious Tape; the only adhesive patch that will stick to the silpoly material of our Rain Tarps!


Did you know your Hummingbird Hammock can double as a rain shelter in the case of an emergency? This guyline kit will secure your shelter while still feeling feather-light in your backpack. Titanium stakes are ultra-strong without the added bulk, and bright guyline helps prevent you from tripping over your lines in the middle of the night.


Your rain shelter lines aren't the only ones you need to see in your campsite at night. Attach glow friction adjusters to any lines you choose, from bug nets to tents, and any other type of equipment with micro guylines. Now you can see everything in your campsite - and prevent camping gear damage in the process.


The new year is an exciting time to explore. Where will you go on your next adventures? Wherever it is, Hummingbird Hammocks is a great companion to bring along with you!

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