First Aid Essentials for Camping

First Aid Essentials for Camping

Nobody goes on a camping trip expecting to get hurt, but accidents do happen, and an accident far from civilization can be a very big deal.  Every camper should take a first aid kit with a few essentials.


The most common injury on a camping or hiking trip will be minor blisters from long treks or poorly-fitting boots.  Moleskin is the easiest way to treat a hotspot before it becomes a blister.


Poison ivy and biting flies are nuisances that can be a bigger problem if they leave an itching or burning sensation on the skin.  Use a cream with 1% hydrocortisone to relieve rashes, bites, and scrapes.

Gauze Bandages

Gauze is a beautiful invention: it sticks to itself and prevents infections.  A roll of gauze bandages or tape will allow you to cover scratches and cuts without slowing down your vacation and is the best solution for a minor burn.


There are many different insects that can sink a camping trip just as soon as its begun.  An encounter with hornets or ticks is very unpleasant and may require tweezers to remove stinging parts (or the insect altogether) from your skin.


Exposure to new places and new types of food and water can leave a person's digestive system very upset with the change.  Whether you're camping in an area with untreated water or you simply don't know what to expect, Imodium can help with cases of traveler's diarrhea in the bush.

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