Festival Camping Made Easy With 5 Fun Tips

Festival Camping Made Easy With 5 Fun Tips

By Beatrix Potter


Festival camping is only vaguely similar to the traditional, soaking up the great outdoors style camping for adventurers. For many people, a festival is their first experience with a tent, which brings its own set of delights and challenges. Our tips will help you master the craft of camping, leaving you to enjoy the festival. 


  1. Tent Etiquette 

A common issue with tents is the lack of space. In a two-man tent, there is just enough room for both of you to squeeze in, but this becomes uncomfortable when you include your backpacks and belongings. Make sure you get a tent that has enough room by choosing a model made for one extra person than the number of people using it. Before you head to the festival, practice putting up and taking down your tent. The biggest anti-climax on a festival weekend is being stranded with a pile of fabric and poles, trying to decipher mud covered instructions. When you get there, take time to clear the ground of any potential irritants. Tent fabric is thin, and you don’t want to be feeling any rocks or rubbish beneath you while you sleep.  


  1. Swing for a Hammock 

The concept of opting to take a hammock to festivals is gaining popularity. Hammocks are insanely comfortable and are also lightweight, easy to carry, and have a much less complicated setup than a tent.  


“I usually use a tent but switched to a hammock last year at Splendour in The Grass festival and I’ve never felt so well-rested” writes Olivia Wilson, lifestyle blogger from Essayroo and Academized.


Hammocks can be bought for one or two people and have a much smaller environmental impact as less grass is flattened and less wildlife disturbed. After the long days of dancing, drinking, and running around, come back to a hammock to relax and let the surrounding sounds of the festival lull you off to sleep.


  1. X Marks the Spot 

Choose where you set up your shelter very carefully. Try and nab an ideal location: somewhere near the festival action but not so close you’re constantly disturbed. Avoid somewhere that’s overcrowded and definitely not in a place that’s too close to the port-a-loos. Your temporary home should be easy to find. Festivals can be massive and groups inevitably get split up, which is why your base should be situated somewhere convenient so that everyone can get back safely. Consider choosing an area in sight of a key landmark and find a unique way of distinguishing your tent like flying a fun flag or using reflective tape. 


  1. Keep Tents Dry

Avoid dampening festivities by making efforts to keep the inside of your tent a dry area. After being caught in a downpour, it’s tempting to want to jump straight in with all the blankets and sleeping bags, but this will only lead to more discomfort. Designate a separate ‘wet’ area of the tent for shoes, wellies, and soaked clothing to be removed and kept before they can be put outside to dry. It’s worth investing in a microfibre towel for festivals. They are lightweight and superabsorbent so damp festival goers can dry off in no time. 


  1. Be Prepared 

The best way to make sure everything goes smoothly during a camping weekend at a festival is to be prepared. There are certain items that are absolutely necessary fora festival camper to keep up a good standard of living. These items will also help you in an emergency. 

Firstly, and maybe most importantly, are wipes and tissues!


“Wipes are a lifesaver – you can immediately freshen up in the morning, take off makeup before bed, remove any mud or mysterious grime, clean up sticky beer spills. They even make facing the port-a-potties more tolerable. I wouldn’t survive without them!” recommends Leah Tulloch, seasoned festival blogger at Essay Services and Boomessays.

Other camping essentials include basic first aid equipment, tent repair equipment like duct tape and spare pegs, and a roll of bin bags - they have limitless uses and are useful for clearing up at the end.


Festival camping is an experience everyone should be crossing off their bucket list. With the right equipment and know-how, camping makes for a great few days wrapped up with friends and family. 

Beatrix Potter is a seasoned festival blogger who imparts her wisdom at BigAssignments and Homework Writing websites. She also publishes her own blogs at Do My Assignments portal.


Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

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