Everything You Should Know About Camping with A Dog

Everything You Should Know About Camping with A Dog

By Frank Hamilton

Camping is an incredible type of relaxation that allows you to receive energy and
refresh your mind. But what if you can’t leave your pet at home? Nothing prevents
you from going camping with your dog! Moreover, it never stops many travelers! But if this is your first trip, then you need to know about many important things. Don’t worry, we will talk about this in more detail!


Learn More About Your Destination

Many go camping with their pets, but don’t take into account the main factor. Some campsites may not allow a pet! So before you go on a long trip you need to learn as much as possible about whether it is possible to accommodate a dog. I agree, it’s very sad when you come to the campsite but you can’t stay there because it is forbidden to take a pet with you.


Learn About the Nearest Vet Clinics

You need to be sure that in case of emergency you can easily find a vet clinic. Often, there may not be any vetrinary help nearby. So you should find out where the nearest clinic is located. Write down the coordinates and phone numbers so that in an emergency you know where to go. It is better to take care of this in advance since, in an emergency you may be in a panic.

What You Need to Take with You

Any trip with a dog requires careful preparation, and when it comes to camping, you should more carefully prepare for the trip. As with any trip, you will need to prepare a certain set of things.


You definitely need to bring a leash with you. Remember the point about learning camp rules and other information. You might find that your dog should always be on a leash. By the way, it is worth considering the fact that the rules may vary depending on the season. Usually, the rule of keeping a dog on a leash is more prominent in the summer due to the increased number of tourists.

Water and Food

Although this seems obvious, you need to calculate how much food and water your pet will need. Many do not think over the diet beforehand and risk facing a shortage of food. It should be borne in mind that in the fresh air the pet will tire more quickly, and eat more, respectively. So it’s better to take more food than less. Also do not forget to take bowls for water and food. Remember that there are folding bowls that will not take up much space in your pack.

Specialized Clothing

This item will depend on the season and on what area you are going to. But in any case, your pet should feel comfortable during your camp-trip. Choose water repellent clothes so that your pet’s fur is dry and body warm. Also, make sure that the clothes do not hinder the movement of your pet.

Place to Sleep

As many travelers with dogs have noted, a dog will tend to crawl into your tent and sleep with you. Especially if your pet sleeps with you at home. Therefore, you can safely get the favorite pet bed and place it in the tent. Or otherwise prepared for the fact that the dog will sleep with you.


LED Collar

Of course, you will not leave your dog unattended at night, but it may happen that your pet gets away from you and becomes difficult to locate. And in the dark, the task of finding your four-legged friend is quickly complicated. So think about a luminous collar. Today it’s absolutely not a problem to find one. Also, some dog owners place bicycle lights on their pets’ collars. Well, some even manage to put a flashlight on the pet’s collar. What type of night lighting is up to you, but you should get at least a luminous collar.

First Aid Kit

Before you go on a long trip with a dog, you should take care of vaccinations. There are certain vaccinations that help protect the pet from ticks and other insect bites. Also, check with your vet what medication can help with allergies from insect bites. Damaged paws or cuts are a very common problem not only during camping but also during long stays in nature. You will also need tweezers, forceps, bandages, and medicines. Your vet will help to create a more detailed list.

One avid traveler offers a very interesting idea:

“Camping is the best way to relax from work and gain strength. Especially when my best friend Ronnie, a Labrador, is with me. In addition to medicines and an emergency kit, I recommend preparing baby socks. Yes, yes! The children’s socks for your pet. Once Ronnie hurt his paw on the stone, and the sock was exactly the thing to preserve the damaged paw. ”- explains one of the freelance translators from The Word Point translation service.

Final Thoughts

Camping with a dog is a great idea. Not all types of travel are suitable for your four-legged friend, but spending time in nature is what you need. If you follow the above recommendations and approach your pet’s training carefully, then you will not feel any discomfort during your camping trip. Enjoy nature and the cheerful behavior of your dog - and of course the opportunity to relax!

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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