Different Personalities You Want On Your Next Camping Trip

Different Personalities You Want On Your Next Camping Trip

By Aimee Laurence


Camping is an amazing activity that offers all sorts of things for all sorts of different types of people. For some it’s a chance to reconnect with nature, for others a chance to abandon technology for a short while, for others still it’s a time for bonding with fellow campers. To this last point, there’s nothing quite like camping with a group of people, finding community out in nature and enjoying conversation and company whilst in this alternative lifestyle. Getting the right group of people together is important and there are certain types of people who are going to be better suited to the camping lifestyle than others. But who are these people? Well, let’s take a look at the types of campers you want on your camping trip.

The Handy(wo)man

Things inevitably go wrong when camping. “One of the nice things about camping is that it sort of serves as a reminder of why we live the way we do the rest of the year. Something as simple as snagging your tent on a rock can create a nightmare of discomfort in the outdoors”, says hiking expert Bill Coleman, from Custom Essay and UKWritings. When something goes wrong, you want that person who knows how to fix things. The sort of person who used to be a boy or girl scout and knows how to stop those little problems from getting any worse than they need to be, always on hand with tape and a screwdriver.

The Chef

There’s a certain art to cooking when camping. Some people are disastrously bad at it and should be kept away from the campfire at all costs. Most are just so-so. But a few people really know the art of campfire cooking. It’s not haute cuisine, it’s something earthier than that and requires a different type of skill and a knack for flavor combinations that no-one else would have thought up. They usually also need to be great improvisers, for when supplies run low. Done well, a campfire meal can be superbly good.

The Medic

Having someone who is first aid trained and knows what goes in a first aid kit is really valuable anywhere in life, but especially when camping. When you’re out in nature you’re cut off from your local pharmacy or drug store and you only have a certain number of supplies with you. Of course, if something is really serious then you need to head to a hospital. But for quotidian injuries and afflictions, having that person with some background in medicine or nursing or even just health and safety can make life so much easier and put a lot of minds to rest.

The Gadget Head

This is the go to guy for all of your camping gear, even things you didn’t realize you would ever have needed or wanted. Having someone who has invested some real cash into camping supplies can really upgrade the collective experience and take your camping expedition to the next level. Just make sure it isn’t a case of all the gear but no idea…

The Old Hand

Last, but by no means least, we have the Old Hand. This is the campsite member who’s been out in nature since they were old enough to pitch a tent, exploring, making memories and learning all the tricks of the trade. “It’s great camping with someone who has done it many, many times before since you’ll always feel secure when they’re around, knowing that anything you could run into they’ve likely seen before”, says Jessie Brown, travel blogger at EssayRoo and StateOfWriting. Not only will you feel secure, you’ll also almost certainly be in for a good yarn as you sit by the campfire. Across their storied camping past, they’ve no doubt got several excellent stories to share with the rest of the group.


You’ll find that, just as terrible company can ruin a camping trip no matter how brilliant it is in theory, excellent company can elevate even the most miserable of times into something memorable and fun. Try and find a way to make sure you’ve got all of these different characters represented on your next trip.

Aimee Laurence has as a lifestyle blogger for the last 5 years, writing primarily at PaperFellows and Academized. Her writing focuses centrally on creative exercises and the outdoors. She also works as a manager at the Write My Essay portal.


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