Clever Stocking Stuffers for Outdoor Lovers

Clever Stocking Stuffers for Outdoor Lovers

Christmas shopping for a camper? You’re in luck because pack-ready gear is compact, lightweight, and practical. In other words, it’s perfect for stockings! Here are a few of our favorite stocking stuffers for outdoor lovers:

Fire-Starting Kit

Whether you order a waterproof match kit or put one together with matches, cotton balls, and petroleum jelly, it’s hard to beat the functionality of a portable fire-starting kit. If your loved one loves to set up camp in remote locations, this kit will make it easier to contend with the elements. Stuff a future campfire into their stocking this year with the raw ingredients for flames.

Hummingbird Hammock

This durable, ultralight hammock is tiny enough for a stocking but strong enough for some serious on-the-go sleeping. Thanks to parachute nylon that keeps you safe without taking up space, a Hummingbird Hammock can hold up to 300 pounds, but it starts out smaller than a coffee cup and lighter than a lemon. It's matching pouch has a cinch-string closure that makes it easy to squeeze into overstuffed packs and stockings alike.

Collapsible Cup

Do you like the idea of a compact gift that’s small enough to bring “just in case”? Add a collapsible cup to the stocking too. Available in multiple sizes and colors – and usually composed of durable stainless steel or silicone – these cups fold into themselves for storage, but pop out to become instant drinking vessels.

As you wrap up the rest of your holiday shopping, keep an eye out for gear that won’t weigh you down or let you down. Sometimes, the most lightweight gear is also the most durable and functional, especially for outdoor lovers who nurture their inner children all year long.

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