May 03, 2015 1 min read

We’ve updated our look a bit, but what good is a face lift if there’s no personality? I’m not gonna talk your ear off in the first post, just something short to get things rolling. We want you guys to be more involved in what we do and who we are. So every month we will be posting about what we have been up to, what’s going on, cool stuff we think you ought to know about, or helpful tips on how to use our gear. My name is Chris Loidolt, I design all our products and generally run all the stuff around here. Most of the posts on here will be written by me.

Hop on the comments and speak your mind. I want to hear your thoughts on things we can improve, things we are doing well, or any questions you might have. We make all this gear for you guys after all, its only fair you get a say in what you want!