Best Practices for Hanging Your Hummingbird Hammock

Best Practices for Hanging Your Hummingbird Hammock

Hammocks are a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. They’re perfect for any outdoor activity, like camping or hiking. Here are a few tips on setting up your hammock to maximize your comfort when you’re sleeping outside.

Hammock Angle

For safety and comfort, you’re going to want to ensure that your hammock straps are situated at a steep angle when setting up. For the best results, we recommend hanging your straps on a 30-degree angle. An easy way to eyeball this is to hold your thumb up (like you’re giving a thumbs-up) and your forefinger out, then have your straps line up to the tips of your fingers. This enures that you will be safe and comfortable when you climb in. The best way to make sure your hammock will be secure is to find some tall trees and wrap the straps around the trunk as high as you can reach.


This will be obvious for some people, but you want to pick trees or another stable element in your environment to set your hammock with that are sturdy enough to handle your weight. Test this by leaning on the tree or element; if it moves, find another spot.


You also want to ensure that you have enough width between the elements to ensure your hammock can hang properly. If you are using Hummingbird Hammock’s Tree Straps, the best way to do this is to eye at least 13 feet between the trees or elements. This will let your hammock hang safely and off the ground.

If you’re new to hammocks, check out our support page where you can find instructional videos for hanging your hammock. With these tips in mind, now it’s time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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