Best Hiking Destinations for Early Fall

Best Hiking Destinations for Early Fall

After the blazing-hot days of summer have passed, early fall is the perfect time to get out and see the country.

Camel's Hump, Vermont

Camel's Hump

The foliage of New England is worth the wait each year as it changes to a beautiful pattern of gold, red, and orange.  Camel's Hump in Vermont is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Green Mountains and great for seasonal colors.

Hanging Lake, Colorado

Hanging Lake CO

One of the most famous photo opportunities in the Rocky Mountains can be found just a few hours west of Denver.  Hanging Lake is a series of lakes and waterfalls that cascade down in patterns, making it easy and fun to snap a perfect picture.

Bitterroot National Forest, Montana

Bitterroot national forest

Tourists flock to Montana in the summertime for fishing and hiking, but winter comes soon and most clear out by September.  Those who stay around in Bitterroot will get a view of animals preparing for winter.

Fisheating Creek, Florida

Fisheating creek FL

It's usually too hot in the dog days of summer to hike through Florida's swamplands, but once the mercury drops it becomes wonderful.  This creek feeds Lake Okeechobee and is just as popular for hiking as stand-up paddleboarding.

Buffalo River, Arkansas

Buffalo River AK

In springtime, snowmelt makes the Buffalo River surge.  By the end of summer, its levels have gone down and created a variety of hiking trails along the shore of the river that allow you to get by without needing a paddle.

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