5 Best Camping Places to Travel to On A Student Budget

5 Best Camping Places to Travel to On A Student Budget

By Michael Gorman

Camping is such a nice activity. You go out in nature and spend a few nights in the wilderness, with your friends or family and enjoy each other’s presence, as well as the clean air nature offers you. The USA is full of national parks that allow people to camp for up to two weeks. However, the costs of traveling are usually high, so you need to look for a cheaper campsite. 

Students often travel on a budget, but they manage to see the world and enjoy their trips. So, the good thing is that you can look for campsites that are free and that allow dispersed camping. This means that you can camp everywhere outside the camping site, but within a specific perimeter. Of course, you need to check with the Wildlife Management Areas to see if they allow it and that you do not need a camping permit. 

If you are going camping for the first time, you need to prepare for the bad weather and plan your meals. But you also need to choose the campsite carefully, so here are five of the best camping places to travel to on a student budget. And the views are amazing. 

  1. Zion National Park

What better way to spend your weekend than traveling to a beautiful camp place with your friends or family? Zion National Park is in the southwest of Utah which offers an incredible experience. It is distinguishable by its steep red cliffs and the forests that have adapted to this climate. 

The forests have begun to grow on the canyon cliffs, so the landscape is so beautiful and unique. There are a few campsites already established, like South and Watchmen. But there is also the possibility of getting a permit that allows you to camp in a wilder campsite inside the park. 

You have multiple camping options inside the Zion National Park. The Virgin River flows to the Emerald Pools, creating an amazing hanging garden and some waterfalls. You can choose to camp near the river if you want or choose a more secluded place. The price of camping with a tent or hammock is only $16 per night, so it is a great destination for the weekend. Hammocks are not allowed in all park campgrounds, so make sure you check the park website before planning your trip.

  1. Mount Rainier National Park

Experts from  assignment help and  paper service argue that this is among the most beautiful national parks the USA has. Mount Rainier is iconic for Washington, so everyone wants to see it rising from the ground. Mount Rainier National Park is situated in the southeast of Pierce County and it is full of valleys and alpine meadows. There are a lot of established trails you can take during the day. The flora and fauna here are huge. You will get the chance to see coyotes, deer, marmots, and many other animals. 

You can choose Cougar Rock Campground to pitchyour tent there. The prices start from $20 per night and you can choose an individual site or a group one. Be careful that you need to reserve your spot. Keep an eye on their website, the reservations for this summer will open soon. You can also set up your camping hammock inside the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. You have plenty of suited places for your slackline and your hammock. 

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known for its lush forests and wildflowers that are blooming all year round. The park stretches across two states in the south of the USA, Tennessee and North Carolina and two mountain ranges: The Blue Ridge and the Appalachian. You have multiple camping options here and the prices are pretty low. 

This national park is among the few that do not charge you with a visiting fee, but you need to pay the camping fee which starts from $14 per night. So, it is great if you are traveling on a student budget.  You should also know that hammock camping is permitted on any non-shelter site. You should have some protection material for trees. 

The park is full of waterfalls and rivers, and you also have the possibility to climb Clingmans Dome, the highest point of Tennessee. The best time to visit is during summer and autumn. Keep in mind that summer is the official holiday season, so it might be more crowded than ever. 

  1. Lake Tahoe, California

Today, more than 70 percent of Lake Tahoe is considered a state park and national forest. It is also popular because it offers numerous beach options in the summer, and ski resorts in the winter. If you choose to go camping inLake Tahoe during autumn months, you will increase your chances to see brown bears hunting for wild salmon. 

The east shore of Lake Tahoe is less crowded than the others and it also offers more scenic views. The best thing about Lake Tahoe is that dispersed camping is free within a designated area, so you can choose it as your camping destination if you are traveling on a budget. You can camp anywhere within the Meiss Backcountry Area and the Mokelumne Wilderness. And it also offers many options forhammock camping, so you can hang your camping hammock almost everywhere

  1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial 

Mount Rushmore is proof that people are perseverant and inventive. It is an iconic destination that is known all over the world for its huge sculptures carved in Mount Rushmore. The good thing is that it is also a great destination if you want to go camping. 

There are a lot of camping facilities that let you install your tent there, but you should know that camping within the boundaries of the memorial is not permitted. There are a lot of other attractions near Mount Rushmore, so you can choose a nearby camping site. You can visit the Wind Cave National Park or the Badlands National Park. And if you enjoy fishing, you can choose the Horsethief Lake for camping. There are lots of trees to hang your hammock and the views are amazing. 


Traveling on a student budget should not be a problem if you plan your trip carefully and choose the best camping places. Depending on what marvels of nature you want to see, you can choose from camping near a lake where you can go fishing or you can choose more secluded places, near rivers or hike trails. The flora and fauna are amazing and spending time in nature helps you relax and it acts as a stress-reliever. 

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