3 Hammock Uses You Haven't Thought of Before

3 Hammock Uses You Haven't Thought of Before

Whether for recreation in the backyard or respite on your outdoor adventure, hammocks are perfect for awesome naps anywhere. But did you know they have many other uses, too? Here are a few ideas to get started!

1. Makeshift Sail

Fixing to go sailing the next time you’re out jet skiing? Just use your hammock! Tie the ends of the cords together, and let it fly with the wind to have a good time.

2. Survival Companion

A hammock is useful for many things besides sleeping in it for survival. Take your hammock to an open area, and its bright colors are a signal. You can even make your food bear-proof by wrapping it up with the hammock and slinging it up a tree branch at least 20 feet high.

3. Anytime Cooler

You probably want a cold drink after all that surviving. Guess what? Your hammock can help with that, too! When it’s installed, throw some drink bottles or cans with a bunch of ice right in the sack and tie the hammock up itself.

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