Underquilt Manual


Regular washings are not needed, only wash if necessary.
Clean your gear using cold or room temperature water and a gentle cleaner like Whoolie for difficult stains.
Store your underquilt using the provided mesh storage bag or by hanging it to prevent compressing the down insulation.
Do your best to keep the down insulation dry.



The down in your underquilt has been compressed for shipping purposes and will need to be unpacked and allowed to re-fluff for maximum insulation value. Putting it in a dryer on a low heat setting with something like a tennis ball will help speed up this process. The light gray side of the Puffin Underquilt goes against the bottom of your hammock, facing toward the sky. Due to the symmetrical design of this underquilt, there is no “left” or “right” side and no “head” or “foot” end.



The primary suspension is the thickest shock cord and runs the full length of the underquilt. It is extra long and will fit any hammock, but will need to be shortened the first time you set it up. To attach the main suspension, tie a knot at what you think is the right length and hook it over the button where the hammock's end loop attaches to your tree strap on your Hummingbird Hammock. Now, attach the other end of your underquilt to the other button link. You will also need to tie a knot in this end to get it to the right height, which is ideally about 6 - 12" (15 - 20 cm) above where the bottom of hammock would naturally hang.



The secondary suspension is the short loops with plastic adjusters at the four corners of the underquilt. Their purpose is to keep the underquilt from sliding down the main suspension, causing an air gap between the hammock and the underquilt. Simply tighten them as needed.



The tertiary suspension is on the ends of the underquilt. Use these to close off the ends of the underquilt to seal it against the hammock. The next adjustment is only available on the Puffin underquilt and it is the main reason we created it. When you lay diagonally in your hammock (to achieve a flatter body position), it often causes a gap at the foot end between the hammock and the underquilt, allowing cold air to get in. This final adjustment will help fix that. If you have a friend to assist with this next step the first time, it may be easier to see the gap. You will notice that the end adjustment cords have extra long loops at the cordlocks and one of the cordlocks will be close to the air gap. Take that section of loop and hook it on the hammock's button link and the gap will close. There is extra cord available on the ends to get the loop length correct. Once you are happy with your setup, you can trim the excess.



To take your underquilt down, simply unhook all the suspension cords from the button links on your hammock. Your underquilt comes with two stuff sacks; an ultralight stuff sack and a compression stuff sack. The ultralight stuff sack is lighter weight, but more difficult to pack and doesn't provide space for extra equipment. The compression stuff sack is slightly heavier, but will allow you to pack more easily and has a little extra space. Stuff the underquilt back into it’s stuff sack. This is easily accomplished by holding the bag upside down by the opening and using your fingers to push the underquilt into the bag a little at a time. Attempt to get as much of the underquilt into the bottom of the bag as you can. This will ensure there is enough space in the bag to accommodate the entire underquilt.



Thank you for choosing Hummingbird Hammocks to be your adventure companion! We are honored to be a part of your kit, and appreciate how valuable your pack weight and volume is. We promise to take up as little space and weight as possible!
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