Starling Pillow Manual


The Starling Inflatable Pillow is your essential companion for comfortable outdoor lounging and sleep. Although it does not require regular cleanings, taking care of your Starling Pillow when necessary can significantly prolong its lifespan. When needed, clean your Starling Pillow gently with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Avoid harsh detergents or hot water as these may damage the fabric. The Starling Pillow should not be machine washed or dried. Make sure to completely dry the pillow before packing it away to prevent mold and odors.



Your Starling Inflatable Pillow arrives compactly packed for easy shipping. To use it to its full potential, correct inflation is key.



To inflate the Starling Pillow, simply open the flap-style valve located on the edge of the pillow. Use your breath or a small hand pump to inflate the pillow to your desired firmness. Keep in mind that a slightly softer pillow will usually provide more comfort.



Whether you're lounging by the campfire or ready for sleep in your tent, position the Starling Pillow in a way that provides the most comfort for your neck and head. Adjust the firmness as needed by adding or releasing air through the valve.



When it's time to pack up, deflate your Starling Pillow by pushing on or inverting the inner flap of the valve, enabling air to escape quickly and facilitating easy packing.



After deflation, fold the pillow in half and roll it tightly, starting from the end opposite the valve, pushing any remaining air out through the open valve. Once all the air is out, close the valve and pack the pillow into its storage bag for protection. For long-term storage, leave the valve open in a cool, dry environment to prevent moisture build-up.



While the Starling Inflatable Pillow is primarily designed for restful sleep in your hammock or tent, it can serve multiple purposes. Use it for lower back support while driving to your campsite, or as a cushion while sitting around the campfire.



We appreciate your decision to choose the Starling Inflatable Pillow for your outdoor adventures. Our goal is to add comfort to your journey without adding unnecessary weight to your backpack. Enjoy your wilderness explorations knowing that a comfortable rest is within your reach with the Starling Pillow.

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