Seam Sealing with SilNet


Prior to the application of the Seam Grip SIL Silicone Tent Sealant, properly setting up your hammock rain fly is essential. Choose a flat, open area to spread out your hammock rain fly. Attach the tarp to the relevant suspension points to replicate the typical setup when it's in use. This helps you identify all the seams more easily and ensures that the sealant is applied in the most effective manner.



Once the hammock rain fly is set up, conduct a thorough inspection. Check for signs of wear, damage, loose stitching, or discoloration along the seams. Remember, your rain fly must be made of silicone-treated fabric, as Seam Grip SIL is specifically designed to adhere best to such material.



With the rain fly properly set up, all the seams should be taut. This is crucial as it allows the Seam Grip SIL to penetrate the stitching effectively and create a durable seal. Additionally, make sure the seams and the surrounding areas are clean and completely dry to guarantee the best adhesion.



Now that you've checked the seams and ensured they are tight and clean, you're ready to apply Seam Grip SIL. Run the sealant along each seam, maintaining a steady hand for an even application. This sealant doesn't just waterproof the seams – it also repairs pinhole leaks and small tears, providing a comprehensive weatherproofing solution for your hammock rain fly.



After applying the sealant, it needs time to cure fully. Depending on the environmental conditions, curing times can vary, so be sure to refer to the instructions on the Seam Grip SIL packaging. Once cured, the sealant forms a clear, elastic rubber seal that is flexible with your gear and resilient in extreme weather.



Remember, Seam Grip SIL should only be applied to silicone-treated fabrics. Always use it in a well-ventilated area and avoid getting it in your eyes or on your skin. Children should only use the product under adult supervision.



We greatly appreciate your trust in Seam Grip SIL Silicone Tent Sealant for maintaining your hammock rain fly. We strive to keep you comfortable, regardless of the weather. Thank you for choosing us as your adventure companion!

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