Sawyer Picaridin Manual


Before applying Sawyer Picaridin insect and tick repellent, inspect your skin for any signs of cuts, wounds, or unusual sensitivity. If you find any issue that could potentially exacerbate skin irritation, refrain from applying Picaridin and consult with a healthcare professional.



Prepare your skin for the application. Keep the Picaridin spray or lotion within reach. Ensure you have enough product for full coverage - the amount would depend on your exposure to the outdoors and the area you intend to cover.



Apply the Picaridin insect and tick repellent directly onto your skin. Focus on areas that are most likely to come into contact with insects, such as your arms, legs, and neck. The topical spray is effective for up to 12 hours against mosquitoes and ticks, and both the spray and lotion provide up to 8 hours of protection against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies.



After applying Picaridin, allow it to dry thoroughly. The non-greasy, fragrance-free spray and lotion dry quickly, leaving no residue on your skin. For all-day adventures, consider bringing along individual 0.34-ounce lotion packets for on-the-go reapplications.



Avoid getting Picaridin in your eyes or mouth. If the product does come into contact with these areas, rinse thoroughly with water. Picaridin is safe for use by the entire family, but always supervise applications on children to ensure safe use.



We appreciate your trust in choosing Sawyer Picaridin for your insect and tick protection needs. Your outdoor experiences are important to us, and we're dedicated to ensuring they're safe and enjoyable.

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