Quick Adjuster Hardware Manual


Please note that our Guyline Cord and Quick Adjuster Hardware are non-load bearing. They should never be used as an adjustable load-bearing ridgeline.



  1. Pass one end of your ridgeline length guyline cord through the triangular hole in the Quick Adjuster Hardware attached to one side of your hammock.
  2. Wrap the guyline cord around the tree once, and then return it to the same Quick Adjuster Hardware piece.
  3. Pass the cord through the triangular hole in the Quick Adjuster Hardware and then wrap it around the "fishbone" structure of the hardware piece. This will create a friction lock.
  4. Follow the ridgeline of the tarp to the other end and locate the second piece of Quick Adjuster Hardware.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-3 with the loose end of the guyline cord.
  6. Tension the tarp by pulling gently on the guyline cord while wrapping it around the "fishbone" structure of the second Quick Adjuster Hardware piece.
  7. Tension can be easily adjusted from either end by simply unwrapping, adjusting, and rewrapping the guyline cord around the triangular hardware piece.



You can choose between running your guyline the length of the tarp's ridgeline (continuous ridgeline) or tying a shorter length of guyline from each end of the tarp to each tree (two-line tarp suspension).

The continuous ridgeline can be advantageous as it allows you to quickly slide the tarp into place. However, a two-line suspension can be less complicated and our Quick Adjuster hardware negates the need for pesky knots and metal hardware.

We suggest customizing your setup to meet your own requirements and specific needs.

Please note that the correct use of the Quick Adjuster Hardware is essential for a secure and enjoyable outdoor experience. The illustrations provided in the manual will guide you through each step to ensure correct setup and usage.



Never use the Quick Adjuster Hardware or Guyline Cord as part of an adjustable load-bearing ridgeline. Misuse could lead to hardware failure and personal injury. Always ensure the safety of your setup before use.



Thank you for choosing our Quick Adjuster Hardware. Enjoy a hassle-free outdoor experience with our easy-to-use tensioning system!

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