Junco Sleeping Pad Manual


Your Junco Inflatable Sleeping Pad is designed for the ease of outdoor adventurers. Although regular cleanings are not required, occasional care can help extend the life of your product. If needed, clean your Junco Sleeping Pad using a damp cloth with mild soap and lukewarm water. Avoid using harsh cleaners or hot water, as these can degrade the material. Do not machine wash or dry. Ensure the pad is thoroughly dry before packing it away to prevent mildew and odors.



Your Junco Inflatable Sleeping Pad arrives in a highly compressed state for shipping purposes. There's no need for fluffing like down-filled products, but to ensure maximum comfort and warmth, proper inflation is essential.



Inflate your Junco Sleeping Pad by opening the flap-style valve on one end of the pad. Breath-inflate the pad to your desired firmness or use a lightweight hand pump for ease. Remember, a softer pad will contour better to your hammock, providing better insulation and comfort.



For use in a hammock, position the Junco Sleeping Pad with the valve towards the foot end of your hammock. The grid pattern helps the pad to contour to the curve of your hammock, optimizing warmth and comfort. Always ensure that the valve is accessible to make any adjustments to the firmness while you're in the hammock.



Deflate the Junco Sleeping Pad by pushing on or inverting the inner flap of the valve. This allows air to escape rapidly, making the breakdown process quick and easy.



After deflation, fold the pad lengthwise and roll it tightly from the end opposite the valve, forcing out any remaining air through the open valve. Close the valve once all the air has been expelled. Store the pad in its storage bag to keep it clean and protected. For long-term storage, keep it in a cool, dry place with the valve open to prevent any potential moisture buildup inside.



The Junco Inflatable Sleeping Pad is not only a companion for hammock camping but also a plan B for ground camping. With its 2" loft and R-Value of 2.1, you will always be ensured a warm and comfortable sleep, whether in a hammock or on the ground.



Thank you for choosing the Junco Inflatable Sleeping Pad for your outdoor adventures! Our aim is to provide you with the highest comfort without adding unnecessary weight to your pack. Enjoy your journey into the wild with peace of mind knowing that a warm and comfortable rest awaits you.

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