Glow Friction Adjuster Manual


Our Glow Friction Adjusters are designed for outdoor use and require minimal maintenance. If they become dirty, simply wash them in warm water with a mild detergent and allow to dry completely before storing.



Before setting up your Glow Friction Adjusters, you will need the following:

  • Your guyline cord

  • The Glow Friction Adjusters



Setting up your Glow Friction Adjusters involves two main steps:

  1. Tie the cord: Use a bowline knot to tie the shorter lengths of the guyline cord to the corner webbing attachment points. This could be on your rain tarp, tent, or bug net.

  2. Attach the adjuster: Feed the other end of the guyline cord through the small hole in the friction adjuster. Then, tie an overhand knot on the other end to secure the friction adjuster to the cord. This setup will allow you to pull your gear tight, out and away from your hammock or sleeping area.



Once your Glow Friction Adjusters have been set up as mentioned in the previous steps, you can proceed to use them with the guyline cord to tension your tarp, tent, or bug net. Here are detailed steps for this process:

  1. Pass through the stake's reflective loop: Grab your Glow Friction Adjuster with the guyline cord attached, pass it through the reflective loop located on the stake. This will be the anchor for your setup.

  2. Pull to tension the tarp: Hold the friction adjuster and pull the cord gently away from the stake. This will stretch out your gear (tarp, tent, or bug net), creating a tight and stable structure.

  3. Secure the friction adjuster: Once you have achieved the desired tension, secure the friction adjuster in place. Do this by hooking the guyline cord through each side of the friction adjuster. This will lock the cord in place, maintaining the tension you've created.

  4. Adjust the tension: If you need to adjust the tension, simply unhook the friction adjuster, loosen or tighten the guyline cord as needed, and then re-hook the adjuster to the cord.

Remember, the glow-in-the-dark feature of the friction adjuster will help you see and make these adjustments even in low-light conditions.

This system of setup and adjustment allows you to ensure a taut, secure setup for your outdoor gear, providing shelter and protection against the elements.

Their glow in the dark feature enhances visibility, helping prevent tripping over lines in low-light conditions and avoiding damage to your gear.



After use, release tension from the friction adjusters and carefully remove them from the cord. Store them in a dry place out of direct sunlight.



Always check the tension of your lines and the security of your friction adjusters before leaving your setup unattended, especially in windy conditions.



Thank you for choosing our Glow Friction Adjusters for your outdoor gear needs. With their high visibility and easy-to-use design, we hope they will make your outdoor adventures more comfortable and safer. Enjoy your time outdoors!

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