Care Instructions


Look for signs of wear, damage, loose stitching, or discoloration. If you find anything that would indicate a potential failure, please contact us before using the hammock and we will provide advice on how to proceed. Never exceed the maximum rated weight for each hammock or tree straps. These weight ratings exist to protect the equipment and the user, and are the maximum safe weight the hammock will hold. The maximum weight an entire system will hold is dictated by the weakest piece of equipment, for example if the tree straps are rated to 400 lbs and the hammock is rated to 300 lbs, the weight supported by the entire system must not exceed 300 lbs. Ensure there are no sharp objects in your back pockets or on your pants, any small rocks or other debris in the hammock that may damage it. This is the most common reason for a failure.



Adjust the whoopie slings, there will be some stretch when the hammock gets loaded with weight so make it a little tighter than the final intended hang angle. 30 degrees is typically considered an ideal hang angle, to achieve that angle we have found pulling the hammock so it hangs to an angle of 15 degrees before weight is added will ultimately be about right. Getting the right hang angle is trial and error and personal preference, have fun with it and see what works best for you!



Your hammock can be cleaned with cold or room temperature water. A soft rag or your hands can be used to work out any stains, the use of a brush or other abrasive cleaning tool can damage the fabric. For difficult stains, a small amount of Woolite or Revivex Pro Cleaner can be used. We recommend not cleaning your hammock unless it is necessary, regular washings are not needed. When the hammock is clean allow it to dry completely in the shade before repacking it.



Do not leave the hammock or tree straps in direct sunlight. The UV light will degrade and weaken the nylon material over time.
Avoid stepping on the hammock, letting it drag on the ground or abrading it in any other way. This will weaken and damage the fabric.
Do not use solvents or soaps to clean the hammock, warm or room temperature water will remove most dirt and stains. If soap is needed, only use a very small amount of a very gentle cleaner like Woolite. Do not wash a hammock in a washing machine, gentle hand-wash only.
Dry your hammock in the shade, out of direct sunlight.
Do not pack the hammock up wet, this may result in mildew forming on the fabric.
Be responsible when selecting trees to hang from, they should be at least 8 inches in diameter and healthy enough to support the weight.
If not using Hummingbird Hammocks Tree Straps, please do not use ropes or thin webbing as this may damage the trees.
Don’t pull the hammock too tight when adjusting your tree straps, not only will this reduce the comfort of the hammock, but will also put undue stress on the tree straps and hammock and may result in hammock failure.
Do not bounce in the hammock, bouncing puts unnecessary stress on the hammock and tree straps.
Never exceed the maximum weight rating of any piece of your gear.
Ensure there are no sharp objects that will come in contact with the hammock or tree straps, this includes sticks, knives, sharp buttons on your pants, sharp rocks, or excessive dirt in the hammock.



Thank you for choosing Hummingbird Hammocks to be your adventure companion! We are honored to be a part of your kit, and appreciate how valuable your pack weight and volume is. We promise to take up as little space and weight as possible!
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