Why Has My Order Not Arrived Yet?

We're sorry you haven't been able to enjoy your gear yet! Below are a few reasons your order could be delayed.


Your tracking has not been updated

In the busy life of a mail carrier, it can be easy to forget to scan a barcode occasionally, which means your tracking indicates your package is still with us when it's much closer to you! Try to be patient, and you may find that your package arrives sooner than expected.


There is a customs delay

Internationally shipped packages are subject to customs delays. Additionally, there have been global shipping slowdowns since 2020. You may be able to contact your country's import governing body to locate your package. If you have not received a tracking update in 30 consecutive days, please contact us using our Support Form, and we would be happy to help determine the next steps.


Your package may have arrived already

If your tracking reports that your package has been delivered and you still have not received your order, there is hope! Our packaging is much smaller than expected due to the small size of our products. The carrier may have left your order in the mailbox or at your residence's gate or front office. Please check all delivery locations of your home thoroughly. If you still cannot find your order, please let us know via our Support Form, and we will help in every way we can!


Your package is lost or stolen

If your package's tracking has not been updated for 14 consecutive days (domestic) or 30 consecutive days (international), it has been officially deemed "lost in transit." In this case, we would be happy to ship your order again. If you have had tracking updates more recently than those outlined above, please get in touch with us with any questions, but we will likely have to wait until that 14-day or 30-day mark to take action.

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